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Review for paellatime
get Paellatime for your party and relax

Paellatime/Scott catered for my huge afternoon and into the night garden birthday party in november 2016. i had some 200 plus people coming, i had a large marquee for the guests. but no kitchen to speak of. Scott had to be self suficient. weather is unpredictable at that time of year and so it was that day but that wasn’t a problem at all for scott. he was on time, set up efficiently and the food was fabulous (i had seafood paella) – everyone loved it. i wasn’t needed at all after showing him to the flat spot where he could set-up at the start. he was completely self sufficient which was great for me as host (all he needed was some hot water but he had his own container) and i could completely relax, he looked after everything and people got their own food from him at their leisure while i partied, drank and talked to everyone. he provided everything needed – the gas, the woks, the food, the plates, the utensils, his own weatherproof cover AND some really good suggestions. he’s an expert and knows his stuff, makes running a party a breeze. also, the food is totally fresh because it’s cooked then and there – in fact, guests can watch it being cooked which is also a treat. (scott told me how much time i needed to allow for the cooking time in my party timeline and he was spot on). The whole thin was problem free and fun. AND he left some paella for the midnight snackers. I highly recommend paellatime. your guests can eat delicious seafood paella at their leisure and you the host can relax and party.

Review for Paellatime-Wedding

Paellatime provided outstanding service under extreme weather conditions. A storm hit shortly before our wedding ceremony. The Paella team quickly changed location doing so without a fuss and then prepared amazing food that was visually spectacular!

Review for Paella and canapes
Eilis & Dans Wedding

Scott, Sarah and their staff were absolutely amazing! They went above and beyond on every level. The food was incredible and the staff were so friendly and professional. We had great reviews from every guest – couldn’t be happier! You made our night!

Review for Chicken & Mushroom Paella

These boys and girl did an unbelievable job at my godfathers 60th in Cordale NSW. FOOD WAS AMAZING (definitely try the olives!) The hospitality was tremendous and no words can describe the quality of the Paella. Well done and would 100% recommend!

Review for Paella - The Channon market
What a feast

I had such a great feed at the lantern parade I went out to the Channon market to see if it realy was that good… and once again WOW! I had the chicken Chorizo this time Highly recommended.

Review for Paella - Lantern parade
Great Paella!

It was a cold night and I was hungry, The best food I could see was the awesome big love heart Paella! I can’t recommend it enough look for it at the next festival or market… The best Paella I’ve ever eaten!

Review for Chicken Chorizio
Lizzie - The Channon Market

Love this food.. It is always delish!!