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Event Packages


Why not make it easy and book something that has been proven and works like one of our Common Party Packages!

Simple event Package:

Paella for up to 100 guests and guests come to us to be served Paella
$1,800 + GST
$300 deposit required to book



Most common Package: RECOMMENDED

Our finest anti -pasto platters  followed by Paella
With your guests coming up to us to be served or serving themselves at the paella pans
50 guests @ $1,800 +GST /  100 guests @ $2,750 + GST
$300 deposit required to book


Anti-pasto, Paella and Salads

for 100 guests: $3,700 + GST

20% deposit required to book



 please ask for a specific quote

 tailored to your event to 

  suit your budget